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Welcome to The Sit Down. In keeping with their Sicilian traditions, The Sit Down offers the best homemade Italian food, prepared the same way Maurizio's mother did back home in Sicily.


Their story begins in Vittoria, Sicily. A small town facing the Mediterranean Ocean, within the shadows of Mount Etna. This is where Maurizio was born, raise & learned to cook!  His father had a farm and grew vegetables, his uncle raises livestock, and his grandfather was a fisherman. So everything they cooked and ate was always very fresh.


Being the youngest member of the family, Maurizio stayed home with my mother, Nonna, Zia’s and sisters. He stayed home and learned to cook regional, traditional dishes, pasta, and bread.  Maurizio moved to California in 1978, soon after arriving His parents opened an Italian restaurant. Where His mother labored in the kitchen preparing all the meals. And since she had no idea what frozen, canned or processed food was, everything was made from scratch.


This is how they cook here at The Sit Down.  They are an authentic family owned & operated restaurant. Please know that they put all of their heart & soul into preparing everything in their kitchen.


So come in and enjoy a fresh wood fired pizza.


Come join their family.


It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing the IMMEDIATE closure of THE SIT DOWN Los Feliz.


Again, the might landlord that purchased our building over a year ago has evicted/vacated almost all of his business tenants.

If you haven’t already noticed the medical marijuana dr., Varsity Clothes and Vintage Vortex are gone and their spaces remain empty.  


We are now bringing light to our situation.  In anticipation of being evicted, we opened the MELROSE location. For the past year, we have endured relentless financial intimidation tactics, red-tape, and incessant legal fees. 


I’m so sorry to say that after all the stress and work, it’s still not enough. We are giving up the fight and must shut down Los Feliz.  We love THE SIT DOWN Los Feliz VERY MUCH!  This has caused us great pain and anguish, not to mention a HUGE financial burden in legal fees & litigation costs. 


We are VERY sorry to inform you all that we have lost the battle and we must clear out immediately. Please know we put up a very LONG fight, but his monetary strength literally drained us financially, physically and emotionally.


Thanks you all for your patronage and PLEASE continue to support us at our Melrose Location.

Same delicious food, same awesome staff. Hope you’ll join us soon.